Methodology/Learning Styles

APS believes in learner- centered teaching methodology. In pre-primary section children learn by play way. As per CBSE, no exams are conducted; evaluation is done by continuous methods through the year. We believe that a child learns most when he/she enjoys the school. Learning to take basic instructions in English, communicating and spending quality time with peers and educators are the predominant areas of learning in the pre-school. All these they learn via listening, speaking, reading, writing, games, sports, dance, art, and music. We emphasize on interactive learning.

Formal education begins in primary school. The syllabus is taught and tested in four semesters. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of each child is done by assigning various child-friendly projects.

In middle and secondary school, children are encouraged for self study. Remedial lessons are arranged for those who require. Similarly for quick- learners, care is taken to impart extra knowledge. Various national level competitive exams and Olympiads are conducted through the year.


Alok Public School promises to give comprehensive and holistic education through a developmental approach and modern methodologies are employed to enable learning.

Syllabus for each grade is structured. The Curriculum Coordinator assists and supports teachers in the choice of materials and methodology.

Teacher-centric instruction make a student passive recipient in gaining knowledge. Hence, we create an environment in which students are encouraged to continually seek their own learning, interactive approach is followed.

Project-based Learning

Students are assigned individual projects in their areas of specific intelligence.

Creativity-centered Learning

Apart from regular learning in all disciplines, the School provides IT Club for creative learning. Students are given the opportunity to explore themselves beyond accessing information. Computers are used to learn and develop multimedia skills like videos, animation, song mixing, and even making documentary film. Our children are raised with high self-esteem and confidence due to extracurricular activities.

Emphasis is laid on oral work. Children are given the opportunities to explore and experience the environment. Classroom learning is reinforced by means of the visual electronic media.

The curriculum comes as an attractive package in which the academic lessons are interfaced with art, craft, dance, music, sports and even picnics so as to stimulate the interests of the tiny tots.