Alok Industries Ltd., a leading integrated textile and garment Company has not only been weaving the strands of our multi faced culture into a fabric of higher learning for the students but has moved towards moulding the minds of children and to forge a symbiotic partnership between the parents and the school community.

Alok’s vision at “Alok Public School”, a co-educational, CBSE affiliated institution at Silvassa, is to foster an analytical mind with independent thinking and strong values through quality education to strengthen the foundations required for the students’ success and progress.

Alok Public School is nestled in the lap of a sylvan setting. A young child’s connection with nature can be as simple as sitting under a tree, listening to the chirping of birds or planting a seed. Spending time in nature has many positive benefits. Children who have opportunities to play and learn in nature are more likely to:

  • Handle challenges and problems more capably.
  • Act responsibly toward the earth and each other.
  • Be more physically active and aware of nutrition.
  • Have a greater appreciation of the arts, music, culture and literature.
  • Choose science or a related field for careers.
  • Become better-informed and environmentally-aware adults.

Alok Public School helps connect children to life situations in a number of ways. Several activities- curricular, co and extracurricular, interschool and intra school competitions, games, acrobatics, pottery, woodwork, drama, classical dance, vocal& instrumental music, art & craft, waste recycling and social work experiences are encapsulated in the day to day routine to mould all-rounded human beings.

Creativity is the natural exploration of new ideas. Young children seem to have boundless creativity, being naturally curious and imaginative. Parents, caregivers and educators, all lend a hand in promoting and encouraging children’s creativity.