Pre-Primary school comprises of classes Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG. We teach in a joyful ambience, to develop tender minds, with values and practical knowledge of dealing with life situations, and to increase their thinking capacity. Our education is predominantly activity based.

Pre Primary   Pre Primary


The teachers are trained to groom our tender ones. They reach the school sufficiently early to receive the children.


Apart from cleaning the classrooms and the surroundings, the ayahs remain in the park when the children are at play. Besides this, the ayahs are allotted duties in the wash rooms, and during tiffin hour. Before and after class hours, they stand in front of the main gate of the PP section to receive the children. They also escort the children from and to the bus bay.


Nursery to UKG will be trained by an activity- oriented programme. Children will be encouraged and trained to use their visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile senses. To experience the world around them, stress will be laid on inculcating interest and love for learning good manners and clean habits. There will be no formal / term end examination till UKG. The evaluation of the students will be continuous and comprehensive and based on the day to day progress in the activities conducted in the class, their behaviour and interaction in class, conversation, homework, and written assignment.


Clay modeling, Sports events, Handwriting, Paper folding, Story- telling, Colouring, Recitation, Free dancing, Quiz
Pre Primary   Pre Primary

Outdoor Activities

Group games, Sports, Nature-walk, Picnic

Outdoor Activities

Other facilities

There is an indoor playroom which is well furnished with toys meant for the development of mental abilities like the co-ordination of muscles, and learning and differentiating shapes and colours. Craft work helps to develop the locomotive skills. Nature walks, field and track games and jungle-gym comprise the outdoor activities.

Other Faciities   Play Area

Celebrations and Talent Display

The children take part in various celebrations during the course of the year. The hidden talents of the children are exposed and developed by the teachers. All the children are motivated to take part in the talent display programme whereby they get rid of stage fright. This is not a competition, so it is only the participation of the children that counts.


Parent- Teacher Interaction

In order to foster a healthy parent-teacher relationship, the parents meet the class teacher every third Saturday of the month.

Parent Teacher Interaction   Parent Teacher Interaction


Indoor Activities

Play-actingObject speakingVegetable printingClay modeling
Card MakingEasel paintingSpecial Party DaysCollage work
Paper foldingDecorationsColouringBlock Printing
Finger printingHandwritingStory tellingRecitation
Free dancingQuiz


Outdoor Activities

Group gamesSportsNature WalkPicnicSports events