Important dates at a Glance 2022-23: School Reopening 01/04/2024 Class XII Farewell 03/04/2024 Felicitation of Mothers 06/04/2024

Important dates at a Glance 2022-23: School Reopening 01/04/2024 Class XII Farewell 03/04/2024 Felicitation of Mothers 06/04/2024



To give students an opportunity to discover, exhibit, and hone their talents, the school offers various club activities throughout the academic session. Providing a range of 10 fascinating clubs, the students can choose their desired club based on their area of interest. The clubs not only help students to shape their interests but also boost their social and communicative skills. Students are welcomed to share their ideas and enjoy collaborative learning along with trained teachers guiding them at every step.



A writer begins a book and a reader finishes it. This club helps children to built-up their confidence, to dive into the ocean of vocabulary and to explore the world with a loyal friend, a book. The club also handles school magazines, newsletter,scripts, screenplays etc


Science is the method of organizing curiosity. This Club allows children to explore, understand and intertwine their ideas to create something exhilarating. This club is the frontier of science fairs and exhibitions.


Quiz Club is an interactive zone wherein the students will learn to keep themselves abreast of times. The objective of this club is to develop a passion for quizzing, foster a desire for knowledge, to expand the intellectual, mental and creative ability of the students while infusing a sense of healthy competition among them.


Committed to providing a healthy sporting habit and a sense of effective teamwork and ideal leadership among students, the club provides a wide range of sports be it indoor or outdoor along with the chance to represent themselves at state and national level.

Art and Craft

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. This club allows children to learn different forms of painting, sketching, paper craft, embroidery, pottery craft, Kalamkari, Madhubani art and much more. The club also looks after thematic decoration for various celebrations at school.


Music is life's backdrop wherever we go. Aimed to nurture talent and create a conducive environment for mutual learning along with adapting and cultivating diversified music, the club offers voice coaching, instrumental lessons, and chance to create and compose fusions and scores.


Dance is an expression of the soul. The focus is to teach children about the divergent forms of dances. It helps them in developing a multifaceted physicality by way of providing training in various dance techniques. The students get a chance to represent their talents at state and national level dance competitions.


All the world's a stage. Drama is a collaborative form of art that sees performers presenting the experience of a real or imagined event. Keeping these in mind, the club focuses on teaching and learning different forms of drama through mime, plays, ballets, or even puppetry.

Event Management

Aimed at working to execute the school events, through meticulous planning, this club creates a sense of resolute and strategic decision making and proper implementation of the same among the students.


Eating is a necessity but cooking is an Art. Here the children can celebrate the delicacies, the taste. Things like fusion of flavours, presentation, coordination will be taught in this kitchen laboratory involving air, water, fire and the Earth.